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Your reputation is what you sell. Let us help you protect it and promote it!

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Manage your reputation or others will

7685261Over 80% of people searching for a product or service online look at reviews. If you don’t have any reviews many people will move on to those that do have reviews. In other words, if you don’t have a reputation, potential customers will look for someone who does. If you have a negative review without offsetting positive reviews most potential customers will move on. Let’s face it, an unhappy customer will more likely write a negative review before a satisfied customer will write a positive review. So even though you have a great reputation with your past customers, future potential customers think the opposite (you have a bad reputation). In other words, if you don’t manage your reputation others will. Thus, Reputation Management is important. But we can’t stop there.

We encourage and post positive reviews for your business, drowning out the negative noise. We call this “Reputation Marketing“. We believe that when it comes to your reputation you must be proactive. We also notify you of a negative review within 72 hours of it being posted, so that you might respond. Often others will see a quick response and be impressed and often times you can turn that review into a positive.

Your reputation is what you sell. Your website design should reflect and display your reputation in the form of reviews. Let us help you protect and promote your online reputation!

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