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Jim Theisen, President, High Target Marketing

Jim Theisen, President High Target Marketing

Welcome to our website. I am Jim Theisen, President and owner of High Target Marketing LLC. I have been involved in the internet marketing industry since 1996, when I first taught myself to design a website. I remember being so proud when I designed my first website and how excited I was that the whole world could see my work. However, I quickly realized that the whole world would never see my work unless it was in places that people were looking, such as search engines, directories, forums, etc. This is when I truly began my journey into internet marketing and search engine optimization.

My first company was Fortune II Internet Marketing Solutions, formed in 1996. Soon after developing my first website I had a request from the local Builders Association to design a site for their organization. This project drew the attention of many of the members of the association and my business was quickly off and running.

In 2011, my son decided to join the business after we had worked together on a project for Home Builder Association’s nationwide. That project ended in 2011 and High Target Marketing, LLC was formed. My son, Matthew is my partner in the business and I am fortunate to enjoy working with Matt everyday.

Our business model is somewhat unique as none of our employees are stationed in an office. We all work from our home offices. We meet on Skype twice daily to review work and through the use of technology such as “cloud” “Project” and “CRM” software we are able to communicate with each other and our clients efficiently. Because of this business model our overhead is greatly reduced and we are able to transfer those savings to our clients and remain profitable.about_us

We are marketing company that offers website design and not a website design company that offers marketing services. The difference is that we design your website as just one component of a larger internet marketing strategy. You can have the most beautiful website in the world, but if no one can find it, it may as well be a “Billboard In The Dessert”. You can have the most beautiful website in the world, but if it does not convert visitors into active potential clients, then all you have is a nice brochure.

The difference between internet marketing and other forms of marketing is that the internet is interactive and can engage potential clients in ways that billboards, newspapers and brochure cannot. Take advantage of the that and you will see your bottom line soar.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to serving you.



James Theisen, President
High Target Marketing LLC








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