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Matt Wurtzel

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With our custom strategies we make sure to deliver awesome results

I started my company in 1996. A lot has changed, and continues to change in the industry. That's what keeps me juiced. I pride myself in staying on the cutting edge. My team and I work hard to bring you the latest strategies, tactics and tools available to assure your "Internet Marketing" success.

There is no cookie cutter approach. We evaluate the needs of each customer on an individual basis. We evaluate their goals, their industry, their niche and their competition when formulating an approach that will bring the customer the highest potential ROI.

I promise we will be honest in our assessment and diligent in our delivery of services. And we believe that makes us a "Good Choice" for your Internet Marketing needs.

Thank you for your consideration of High Target Marketing LLC.


James G Theisen, President

High Target Marketing LLC
High Target Marketing provides superior service and more importantly, they get results. They are always presenting and implementing the latest cutting edge strategies and techniques.
Chad Gohm, President
Gohm Insurance Restoration, Inc.

Beyond average

Every project is different but we have solutions for each of them

Meaningful Content

Meaningful Content

Fresh relevant content with the perfect combination of inbound and outbound links is key. We know the secret sauce.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

We analyze your internet traffic, from where it came, what was viewed and how long they visit. Most importantly we analyze your results!

Lead Capture

Lead Capture

People, visitors, traffic. We are always looking for ways to increase relevant traffic to your website and social properties. Then turning them into long-term subscribers.



If you have an in house marketing team we are always will to consult with your team to share all that we can to enhance your online marketing efforts.


Making things possible

Reaching a deep understanding of what your customer needs is part of our business

Nothing makes a business more successful than realizing the opportunities surrounding them and taking advantage. The internet is that opportunity. Over 85% of all people use internet search engines and social media to locate products or services. Having a responsive website rich in content, linked with Social Media and Web 2.0 sites is just the beginning of a successful online campaign.

High Target Marketing LLC can work with you to drive traffic to your site and captures contact information even before a customer makes a buying decision. Then, Direct Email Marketing keeps you at the forefront when prospective customers are ready to purchase. Internet Marketing builds brand awareness, builds your prospect database, and puts you in direct contact with customers. High Target Marketing LLC works with you to increase and enhance your internet presence so that when customers are shopping you are their first and last stop.

"Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise!"

Ted Turner

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Meet the brady bunch

Our Team of crazy experts has been in the field for years

Thomas Dole

Website Design and Development

We are always looking at ways to make you look good.

Garry Bert

Reputation Management

You have a good reputation. Let's make sure everyone knows it!

Katy Thomas

Social Media

Social Media is where we build brand awareness and loyal followers.

Christian Davis

Creative Director

Your image is very important. We look for creative ways to promote it!

Sally Kerr

Marketing Strategy

Internet Marketing is a consists of one Strategy involving many tactics!

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